From Starlight

by katedavies581

On Sunday I enjoyed a long peaceful healing session with my beautiful silver pony and as she sank deep into the healing energy with me she had a lot to share…………

The only reason anybody has trouble with relationships is because no one understands about forgiveness. Happiness follows forgiveness. No one knows about that. No one understands that earth level relationships and soul level relationships are diametrically opposed to enable growth and that the relationships that bring us the most pain invariably come from our most deeply loving soul mates.

Starlight (known to us earthlings as Bean) was telling me about how she is frustrated on a deep level with the entire human race, their thoughtlessness, the trashing of the planet, the fear everyone has and how blind everyone is.

She plays her own spiritual part from her simple field on earth, as she is really an incarnated Unicorn with plenty of healing work of her own. She was reassuring me that it doesn’t matter if I don’t have so much time for her or ever ride her very much. She lends her energy to helping me with my spiritual work and was urging me to focus on that instead, she said to me “You have a voice, you should use it, I don’t have a voice.”

She was telling me not be scared to try new things

She was telling me that she and all the other horses are here to ground me and to clean my energy field daily of all the mucky heavy earth related stuff that it accumulates daily. All I have to do is show up and muck out and stuff and my energy field is cleared.
She is here to be my strength and support and sense of wellbeing. She also helps with my spirit release work along with her friend Brownie who is a serious specialist in that department. She was telling me that I need to get back into my quiet healing times and she is right, I have not had time for my healing work lately and I have missed it. She was telling me to stay with the animals. As I heal them, they will heal me.

Love my horse.