Utilising Angelic Assistance to help us with our Daily Lives

by katedavies581

I first met my guardian angel during a period of recovery from a back injury through which I had been largely immobilised. I had been confined to bed for several weeks and I was struggling to cope with a high level of physical pain. I remember inwardly crying out for help, to whom or what this cry was directed, at that time I did not know. The same night I awoke to find a magnificent golden being standing beside my bed. This being was easily over ten feet tall, and strangely, although their head was situated beyond my bedroom ceiling, I could still perceive the whole being. There were a pair of massive folded wings which if outstretched would have spread beyond the walls of my bedroom on both sides. Whilst the face of the being was indistinct to my vision, I could see that the being was dressed in a full length robe of shimmering gold and they radiated out toward me a strong sense of purpose.

I was awestruck by this presence and felt physically unable to move but I was also unafraid as this massive golden being reached above my head. I felt and saw a band of energy comprising of many vibrating drops of golden light land gently around and inside my head and neck area, causing a curious sensation of vibration within. There was pause and then a further band of vibrating drops of golden light landed in my head and neck area, which caused the first band of energy to move lower down, so that it occupied my shoulders and chest area. This process was repeated until the vibrating drops of golden light filled the space in and around my torso and reached the base of my spine. Then the process ceased and the angelic being withdrew from my vision.

I fell to sleep without the pain and I dreamed that I was holding a golden key in my hand. At the time, in order to aid my recovery from the injury, I was engaged in a healing programme called The Journey (Brandon Bays) and the very next morning a particular healing process took place within the Journeywork that facilitated a regaining of my mobility and the beginning of a return to my normal life.

Following this experience I was interested to learn more about the presence of angels in our lives and their ability to help us if only we remember to ask them. I read some books written by Diana Cooper and Lorna Byrne and also read accounts from a lot of other human beings who had experienced angelic encounters and assistance. I learned that each one of us has an appointed guardian angel whose task it is to watch over us throughout our earthly life. Our guardian angel is always present and is constantly ready and willing to help us, but because we have free will they can only intervene in our lives if we actually ASK them to help us. The only exception to this spiritual law is if a person finds themselves in a life threatening situation and it is not yet their time to leave the earth plane, in which case their guardian angel can intervene to prevent this from happening.

Since that time I have learned to sit quietly and speak with my own guardian angel if I am worried about something, and to be able to receive their angelic counselling.

One of the most powerful things that I have learned from receiving guidance from the angels is this. We humans have a great propensity to worry about our loved ones, perhaps if they are struggling with an issue, an illness or sometimes if they are just travelling far from our side. The angels counsel that worrying about anyone actually places a shroud of negativity over them that can adversely affect their situation. Instead, whenever we catch ourselves engaged in a worry thought concerning another we could simply ask our guardian angel to ask their guardian angel to help that person or situation. In addition to this, apparently there are also millions of unemployed angels just waiting to act, who cannot act until someone REQUESTS that they help us. Also, in order to assist another, using our minds eye we can place the subject of our concern under showers of angelic golden light, and then finish by placing them in a bubble of golden light.

These naturally available methods of assistance with our daily lives are tremendously uplifting and healing and can be used very effectively to help our animals as well. I have seen a marked difference in my own animals from simply asking their angels to help them at apparently difficult times. But please don’t take my word for it, try the process out for yourself………..


Kate Davies