by katedavies581

We once took in a starving grey cat who appeared on our door step late one August night and nobody ever claimed her. I always wondered if she had been displaced in the floods that happened shortly before her arrival. She never seemed to have been outside before as she definitely had not experienced rain drops before. The first time it rained on her in our garden she was terrified! She stayed with us for 2 years and then got killed on the main road outside our house. We named her Marbles.



A precious spark of light

Decided to incarnate

For a few short earthly years

As a fat grey tabby cat

To share love and mice

With her chosen human family.


Marbles taught us so much

About being true to ourselves

Unafraid to follow our destiny

As she demolished the poor mice

Right in front of our eyes



As her energy travels onward

And her soul returns to heaven

The Love that Marbles shared with us

Remains behind, as Light on Earth

A gift to us Forever.


Kate Davies