Cat Magic

by katedavies581

A tribute to our spirit cat, Marbles.

We thank you for coming here
We thank you for choosing to knock on our door
We thank you for the love, mice and laughter
You brought to our family.

We thank you for the mouse free years
And we wonder why you had to leave – SO SOON
Maybe you thought
We are all capable of catching our own mice now.

We miss you in the garden, rolling carefree on the patio
Hunting in the flowerbeds, sleeping in the summerhouse
Playing on the garden table, relaxing in a shaft of sunlight
Sitting on your stool in front of the fire
Or washing yourself on the clean laundry
Your help with my healing, chasing the tinfoil ball
Even the cat hairs on the chairs
And the dead mice in the hallway.

We miss the sound of your purr
The feel of your grey tabby fur
The sight of your creamy chocolate tiger paws
The yell of your voice shouting ‘HAM!’
Thank you for the lessons about following our destiny
And being unafraid to be true to ourselves
The Light in your eyes, and the Wisdom in your soul
We thank you Marbles, for choosing us, and coming here.

We Love You, spirit cat of ours.


Kate Davies