Marbles Message to her Family

by katedavies581

I received this message from our family cat after she was killed on the main road outside our house…………….


Don’t be sad

Just be glad

Didn’t feel any pain


Didn’t mean to leave

Just got too brave

Would have stayed for the love

Of a great family.


Always make the most of what you’ve got

Don’t be like me, out looking for more!

Take it from me, live your life free

If you want to just play, or relax in the sun

You don’t need permission from anyone

Your summerhouse is a great place to be

You can always spend time

In there with me.


I’m free, now in sprit, I can always be with you

Wherever you go, that’s freedom for you!

It’s just that you can’t see me know

Or hear me yelling for “HAM!”

But there is no separation

Your physical world isn’t real you see

I am still with you, dancing in your garden

Hiding in your wardrobes, racing up your apple tree

Sleeping on your sofa or gazing at your fire.


Leave a small dish on the floor for me

I will come in when you all have tea

I am still with you, I will always be.


Kate Davies