Best Christmas Present Ever

by katedavies581

Something very, very awesome happened in my life today

I have recently been looking at the work of James French, (  Stage 1 of Trust Technique is really impressive and I have been thinking to myself that I would love to learn how this is done.

Today the ponies were kept stabled in an effort to save their pasture from complete obliteration and I wanted to share some healing energy with my lovely silver pony partly because she has aggravated a shoulder problem and also to soothe her very clearly demonstrated cross, agitated feelings about confinement.

But I am not doing any spiritual healing at the moment because I don’t feel quite one hundred percent fit yet after having had pneumonia. So instead I employed a healing/meditation technique called Quantum Entrainment that I learned off a fellow healer a few years ago.

A description of QE states that it works by dropping oneself into a state of zero point energy, after which, because brain waves and heart waves entrain, any living beings of consciousness around ‘get into’ the same state .

So I settled into the straw against the wall in Starlight’s stable and started to use this technique. I heard my angels whisper in my ear; “Kate, you are on to something big.” And then my beautiful silver pony left her hay, (unheard of!) came over to where I was sitting, lay down in the straw beside me and went fast asleep. Which is effectively Stage 1 of Trust Technique.


Love my horse

Kate Davies