by katedavies581


Yesterday I had the most incredible experience when visiting my elderly disabled mother. Janet is currently staying in respite care with Runwood Homes.

I had not seen her for one week as I had been away and on visiting I find that there is a massive change in her consciousness. It is difficult to describe, she has clearly developed some Alzheimers – but in such a wonderful, positive GLOWING sort of way.

She is smiling brightly and she says “It’s good to die with a smile on your face” Her face is ablaze with pure consciousness.

Her conversation is fascinating and extraordinary. She appears to be functioning in several planes of existence simultaneously, for example;

Janet: “Death is amazing. You are so CONSCIOUS”

Me: “You are still alive, Janet. We are still on the earth plane”

Janet: “Are we? Life is amazing. Isn’t it a miracle that we are on the earth? Life is a miracle” and “Life is eternal, it goes on and on and on. It never ends.”

Janet speaks about her life and all the fun that she had. She is smiling and chuckling away to herself a lot. She says, “Nothing really matters. Nothing is important. It’s only important to HAVE FUN.”

She is speaking about her father Richard Maslin. Then she switches, she is talking about remembering him being born in London and she is saying that Richard Maslin was her great grandson. I prompt her gently that Richard was her father and she says “Oh yes, that was in a different life, not this one.”

Janet is not sure if her surname is Maslin or Moss. She says “What does it matter? What’s in a name? We are all the same spirit.”

Janet thinks that I am her granddaughter. She asks me “Who was your mother? Who was your father?”

I say “Jack and Janet”. “Oh yes, of course” she says, and we find that terribly funny.

Her face is fascinating.  As I am talking with her, her face is changing all the time. I see all these different faces appearing, from many different lives. Her soul is revealing itself in all its brightness and brilliance and her personality is beautiful, and really not at all like the Janet that I have known.

I offered her the simplest tiny piece of chocolate and you would have thought that I had fetched the stars out of the sky for her. There was so much enthusiasm for the moment. She had so much joy and appreciation for just the tiniest thing.

It was so much fun. We laughed and laughed about everything. After two hours I could barely tear myself away.

An extraordinary experience.

Kate Davies