Receiving Healing From A Farmers Pony

by katedavies581

Many animals are wonderful healers in their own right. (All animals are here on earth as our teachers.)  Over the years I have received some amazing healing from a variation of animals, recently most especially from horses.

For two years I had been engaged in a deep caring role with my elderly mother Janet. Shortly after her passing in early May last year, I treated myself to a brief escape. My destination: a beautiful, magical location in Snowdonia where we had both shared many happy holidays over the years. It felt important for me to leave behind the recent challenging experiences and to recapture the more joyful memories of earlier years.

I set out on a spectacular walk that Janet used to love. A bridle path (reputed to be an ancient Roman Road) that follows the side of a mountain, with a beautiful river running through the base of a narrow valley, the views here are breath taking.

Halfway along the trail, grazing peacefully on the mountain slope some distance beneath me I spotted Rosie. Rosie is a small, elderly welsh pony belonging to a local farmer, who passes her days out on the mountainside amongst the sheep.  Being an only horse with just the sheep for company, I knew that Rosie also enjoys the company of passing humans. Using a simple animal communication exercise, I expanded my energy field outward by intention and invited the pony to blend her field with my own. I asked Rosie if she would like some company today. In response to my request, Rosie lifted her head, turned to face me and let out a small welcoming nicker of greeting.

I picked my way carefully down the steep mountain slope to meet her. We shared some enjoyable moments of fussing and scratching.  Rosie’s company was very relaxing and I sat down on a soft clump of grass for a few moments rest. At that moment everything around me came into a sharp focus. I gazed at the surrounding beauty, the blue sky, the gorse gleaming bright yellow in the sunshine, the river running far below us. I listened to the buzzards calling, the sheep grazing, the distant sound of the river flowing. I felt acutely present. Rosie lay down on the grass beside me. 

I felt inexplicably tired so I lay down in the warm, soft grass. Rosie stretched herself out and lay flat out nearby. I fell into a deep state of rest, and I could hear Rosie’s voice in my head as she was speaking to me.

Rosie shared her advice with me, she spoke to me about acceptance and the importance of letting go. She told me that happiness always follows a letting go.  Rosie added that the only way to happiness is to let go, and to allow all of our life to be a great letting go. She showed me that animals have a much wider perception and understanding of death than we humans do. That death is not the end, it is just a return to a state of pure love, the same state of love from which we all came.

We lay peacefully together, horse and human, on the side of the mountain for some half an hour.

The early May sunshine cooled and I came out of my reverie. I noticed that a number of sheep were lying down beside us as well. I stood up to leave and Rosie got to her feet. I scratched her mane in gratitude and reluctantly said goodbye to her. She looked me in the eye and conveyed that I would always be her friend.

In a state of quiet, deep wonder I climbed back up the slope. As I reached the bridle path I glanced back down the mountainside at my friend. She was grazing peacefully amongst the sheep as if nothing unusual had happened.


Kate Davies