About Kate

Born in 1962, I was blessed with an idyllic childhood. I grew up in a loving, relaxed family. Home was a country cottage in Warwickshire with a large garden and surrounding woods and fields to play in. There was a great number of assorted pets during my childhood plus a few rescued wildlife friends who chose to remain with us at the cottage, and at the age of nine I discovered horses which have been the ruling passion of my life ever since.

Aged twelve I was doubly blessed with my very own pony and we shared a deep and abiding soul mate relationship which lasted for the next twenty three years.

I attended King’s High School for Girls in Warwick, but at eighteen I disappointed my parents by abandoning academic life to work with racehorses. This occupation joyously filled the next ten years, and another ten years part time after children came along.

At the end of 2004 I encountered a health problem which brought me much understanding and change. Suspended from my daily life, for the next ten months I worked with The Journey (Brandon Bays) to help recreate my health and although in deep physical distress I found that I was simultaneously engaged on a long and amazing period of intense personal growth and understanding. I also experimented with complementary therapies and experienced for myself the wonderful benefits of receiving spiritual healing.

Sometime after recovery a chance encounter with the book “Healing for Horses”, written by world renowned animal healer and communicator Margit Coates, sparked a decision to train as a spiritual healer. Following the signpost in Margrit’s book, I began training with The Healing Trust, and completed their healer training in April 2009. The following summer, I realised a dream, finding myself attending two courses covering equine and animal healing which were conducted by Margrit herself.


Join me in my wondrous experiences of sharing healing energy with animals…….


Kate Davies