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Receiving Healing From A Farmers Pony

Many animals are wonderful healers in their own right. (All animals are here on earth as our teachers.)  Over the years I have received some amazing healing from a variation of animals, recently most especially from horses.

For two years I had been engaged in a deep caring role with my elderly mother Janet. Shortly after her passing in early May last year, I treated myself to a brief escape. My destination: a beautiful, magical location in Snowdonia where we had both shared many happy holidays over the years. It felt important for me to leave behind the recent challenging experiences and to recapture the more joyful memories of earlier years.

I set out on a spectacular walk that Janet used to love. A bridle path (reputed to be an ancient Roman Road) that follows the side of a mountain, with a beautiful river running through the base of a narrow valley, the views here are breath taking.

Halfway along the trail, grazing peacefully on the mountain slope some distance beneath me I spotted Rosie. Rosie is a small, elderly welsh pony belonging to a local farmer, who passes her days out on the mountainside amongst the sheep.  Being an only horse with just the sheep for company, I knew that Rosie also enjoys the company of passing humans. Using a simple animal communication exercise, I expanded my energy field outward by intention and invited the pony to blend her field with my own. I asked Rosie if she would like some company today. In response to my request, Rosie lifted her head, turned to face me and let out a small welcoming nicker of greeting.

I picked my way carefully down the steep mountain slope to meet her. We shared some enjoyable moments of fussing and scratching.  Rosie’s company was very relaxing and I sat down on a soft clump of grass for a few moments rest. At that moment everything around me came into a sharp focus. I gazed at the surrounding beauty, the blue sky, the gorse gleaming bright yellow in the sunshine, the river running far below us. I listened to the buzzards calling, the sheep grazing, the distant sound of the river flowing. I felt acutely present. Rosie lay down on the grass beside me. 

I felt inexplicably tired so I lay down in the warm, soft grass. Rosie stretched herself out and lay flat out nearby. I fell into a deep state of rest, and I could hear Rosie’s voice in my head as she was speaking to me.

Rosie shared her advice with me, she spoke to me about acceptance and the importance of letting go. She told me that happiness always follows a letting go.  Rosie added that the only way to happiness is to let go, and to allow all of our life to be a great letting go. She showed me that animals have a much wider perception and understanding of death than we humans do. That death is not the end, it is just a return to a state of pure love, the same state of love from which we all came.

We lay peacefully together, horse and human, on the side of the mountain for some half an hour.

The early May sunshine cooled and I came out of my reverie. I noticed that a number of sheep were lying down beside us as well. I stood up to leave and Rosie got to her feet. I scratched her mane in gratitude and reluctantly said goodbye to her. She looked me in the eye and conveyed that I would always be her friend.

In a state of quiet, deep wonder I climbed back up the slope. As I reached the bridle path I glanced back down the mountainside at my friend. She was grazing peacefully amongst the sheep as if nothing unusual had happened.


Kate Davies





Your Legacy

A poem to my mother Janet, to whom we said goodbye today:


The early years

A cuddly Mum

A life filled with animals

Freedom and fun.


Shut the door

Head out, explore

The Warwickshire lanes and meadows

Picnics in the sun

With friends and laughter

This is your legacy.

This was our fun.


You loved to adventure

To gather up your girlfriends

Trish, Elaine, Teddy and Jenny and Jen

To the woods or the Welsh hills,

Mountain streams or seashores

The beauty of Nature

Always your theme.


When teenage years arrived

The fun multiplied

The boyfriend was welcomed

With huge family gatherings

Alcohol generously supplied.


You and Jack loved to party

You gathered so many friends

Your parties are a legend

That none shall transcend.


You were always a rebel

You did things your way

You were never quiet

You would have your say.


Your life was a statement

Your message to the world

“Nothing matters.

It’s only important to have FUN.”


In recent years

Our roles reversed

And you became

My girlie.

So go, girlie, go

Show Heaven fun

Show Heaven how fun it is done

Go light up the Heavens with your fun and your parties

I will join with you, when my time has come.


Kate Davies



Yesterday I had the most incredible experience when visiting my elderly disabled mother. Janet is currently staying in respite care with Runwood Homes.

I had not seen her for one week as I had been away and on visiting I find that there is a massive change in her consciousness. It is difficult to describe, she has clearly developed some Alzheimers – but in such a wonderful, positive GLOWING sort of way.

She is smiling brightly and she says “It’s good to die with a smile on your face” Her face is ablaze with pure consciousness.

Her conversation is fascinating and extraordinary. She appears to be functioning in several planes of existence simultaneously, for example;

Janet: “Death is amazing. You are so CONSCIOUS”

Me: “You are still alive, Janet. We are still on the earth plane”

Janet: “Are we? Life is amazing. Isn’t it a miracle that we are on the earth? Life is a miracle” and “Life is eternal, it goes on and on and on. It never ends.”

Janet speaks about her life and all the fun that she had. She is smiling and chuckling away to herself a lot. She says, “Nothing really matters. Nothing is important. It’s only important to HAVE FUN.”

She is speaking about her father Richard Maslin. Then she switches, she is talking about remembering him being born in London and she is saying that Richard Maslin was her great grandson. I prompt her gently that Richard was her father and she says “Oh yes, that was in a different life, not this one.”

Janet is not sure if her surname is Maslin or Moss. She says “What does it matter? What’s in a name? We are all the same spirit.”

Janet thinks that I am her granddaughter. She asks me “Who was your mother? Who was your father?”

I say “Jack and Janet”. “Oh yes, of course” she says, and we find that terribly funny.

Her face is fascinating.  As I am talking with her, her face is changing all the time. I see all these different faces appearing, from many different lives. Her soul is revealing itself in all its brightness and brilliance and her personality is beautiful, and really not at all like the Janet that I have known.

I offered her the simplest tiny piece of chocolate and you would have thought that I had fetched the stars out of the sky for her. There was so much enthusiasm for the moment. She had so much joy and appreciation for just the tiniest thing.

It was so much fun. We laughed and laughed about everything. After two hours I could barely tear myself away.

An extraordinary experience.

Kate Davies

Best Christmas Present Ever

Something very, very awesome happened in my life today

I have recently been looking at the work of James French, (www.trust-technique.com).  Stage 1 of Trust Technique is really impressive and I have been thinking to myself that I would love to learn how this is done.

Today the ponies were kept stabled in an effort to save their pasture from complete obliteration and I wanted to share some healing energy with my lovely silver pony partly because she has aggravated a shoulder problem and also to soothe her very clearly demonstrated cross, agitated feelings about confinement.

But I am not doing any spiritual healing at the moment because I don’t feel quite one hundred percent fit yet after having had pneumonia. So instead I employed a healing/meditation technique called Quantum Entrainment that I learned off a fellow healer a few years ago.

A description of QE states that it works by dropping oneself into a state of zero point energy, after which, because brain waves and heart waves entrain, any living beings of consciousness around ‘get into’ the same state .

So I settled into the straw against the wall in Starlight’s stable and started to use this technique. I heard my angels whisper in my ear; “Kate, you are on to something big.” And then my beautiful silver pony left her hay, (unheard of!) came over to where I was sitting, lay down in the straw beside me and went fast asleep. Which is effectively Stage 1 of Trust Technique.


Love my horse

Kate Davies



Marbles Message to her Family

I received this message from our family cat after she was killed on the main road outside our house…………….


Don’t be sad

Just be glad

Didn’t feel any pain


Didn’t mean to leave

Just got too brave

Would have stayed for the love

Of a great family.


Always make the most of what you’ve got

Don’t be like me, out looking for more!

Take it from me, live your life free

If you want to just play, or relax in the sun

You don’t need permission from anyone

Your summerhouse is a great place to be

You can always spend time

In there with me.


I’m free, now in sprit, I can always be with you

Wherever you go, that’s freedom for you!

It’s just that you can’t see me know

Or hear me yelling for “HAM!”

But there is no separation

Your physical world isn’t real you see

I am still with you, dancing in your garden

Hiding in your wardrobes, racing up your apple tree

Sleeping on your sofa or gazing at your fire.


Leave a small dish on the floor for me

I will come in when you all have tea

I am still with you, I will always be.


Kate Davies



Cat Magic

A tribute to our spirit cat, Marbles.

We thank you for coming here
We thank you for choosing to knock on our door
We thank you for the love, mice and laughter
You brought to our family.

We thank you for the mouse free years
And we wonder why you had to leave – SO SOON
Maybe you thought
We are all capable of catching our own mice now.

We miss you in the garden, rolling carefree on the patio
Hunting in the flowerbeds, sleeping in the summerhouse
Playing on the garden table, relaxing in a shaft of sunlight
Sitting on your stool in front of the fire
Or washing yourself on the clean laundry
Your help with my healing, chasing the tinfoil ball
Even the cat hairs on the chairs
And the dead mice in the hallway.

We miss the sound of your purr
The feel of your grey tabby fur
The sight of your creamy chocolate tiger paws
The yell of your voice shouting ‘HAM!’
Thank you for the lessons about following our destiny
And being unafraid to be true to ourselves
The Light in your eyes, and the Wisdom in your soul
We thank you Marbles, for choosing us, and coming here.

We Love You, spirit cat of ours.


Kate Davies


Utilising Angelic Assistance to help us with our Daily Lives

I first met my guardian angel during a period of recovery from a back injury through which I had been largely immobilised. I had been confined to bed for several weeks and I was struggling to cope with a high level of physical pain. I remember inwardly crying out for help, to whom or what this cry was directed, at that time I did not know. The same night I awoke to find a magnificent golden being standing beside my bed. This being was easily over ten feet tall, and strangely, although their head was situated beyond my bedroom ceiling, I could still perceive the whole being. There were a pair of massive folded wings which if outstretched would have spread beyond the walls of my bedroom on both sides. Whilst the face of the being was indistinct to my vision, I could see that the being was dressed in a full length robe of shimmering gold and they radiated out toward me a strong sense of purpose.

I was awestruck by this presence and felt physically unable to move but I was also unafraid as this massive golden being reached above my head. I felt and saw a band of energy comprising of many vibrating drops of golden light land gently around and inside my head and neck area, causing a curious sensation of vibration within. There was pause and then a further band of vibrating drops of golden light landed in my head and neck area, which caused the first band of energy to move lower down, so that it occupied my shoulders and chest area. This process was repeated until the vibrating drops of golden light filled the space in and around my torso and reached the base of my spine. Then the process ceased and the angelic being withdrew from my vision.

I fell to sleep without the pain and I dreamed that I was holding a golden key in my hand. At the time, in order to aid my recovery from the injury, I was engaged in a healing programme called The Journey (Brandon Bays) and the very next morning a particular healing process took place within the Journeywork that facilitated a regaining of my mobility and the beginning of a return to my normal life.

Following this experience I was interested to learn more about the presence of angels in our lives and their ability to help us if only we remember to ask them. I read some books written by Diana Cooper and Lorna Byrne and also read accounts from a lot of other human beings who had experienced angelic encounters and assistance. I learned that each one of us has an appointed guardian angel whose task it is to watch over us throughout our earthly life. Our guardian angel is always present and is constantly ready and willing to help us, but because we have free will they can only intervene in our lives if we actually ASK them to help us. The only exception to this spiritual law is if a person finds themselves in a life threatening situation and it is not yet their time to leave the earth plane, in which case their guardian angel can intervene to prevent this from happening.

Since that time I have learned to sit quietly and speak with my own guardian angel if I am worried about something, and to be able to receive their angelic counselling.

One of the most powerful things that I have learned from receiving guidance from the angels is this. We humans have a great propensity to worry about our loved ones, perhaps if they are struggling with an issue, an illness or sometimes if they are just travelling far from our side. The angels counsel that worrying about anyone actually places a shroud of negativity over them that can adversely affect their situation. Instead, whenever we catch ourselves engaged in a worry thought concerning another we could simply ask our guardian angel to ask their guardian angel to help that person or situation. In addition to this, apparently there are also millions of unemployed angels just waiting to act, who cannot act until someone REQUESTS that they help us. Also, in order to assist another, using our minds eye we can place the subject of our concern under showers of angelic golden light, and then finish by placing them in a bubble of golden light.

These naturally available methods of assistance with our daily lives are tremendously uplifting and healing and can be used very effectively to help our animals as well. I have seen a marked difference in my own animals from simply asking their angels to help them at apparently difficult times. But please don’t take my word for it, try the process out for yourself………..


Kate Davies


From Starlight

On Sunday I enjoyed a long peaceful healing session with my beautiful silver pony and as she sank deep into the healing energy with me she had a lot to share…………

The only reason anybody has trouble with relationships is because no one understands about forgiveness. Happiness follows forgiveness. No one knows about that. No one understands that earth level relationships and soul level relationships are diametrically opposed to enable growth and that the relationships that bring us the most pain invariably come from our most deeply loving soul mates.

Starlight (known to us earthlings as Bean) was telling me about how she is frustrated on a deep level with the entire human race, their thoughtlessness, the trashing of the planet, the fear everyone has and how blind everyone is.

She plays her own spiritual part from her simple field on earth, as she is really an incarnated Unicorn with plenty of healing work of her own. She was reassuring me that it doesn’t matter if I don’t have so much time for her or ever ride her very much. She lends her energy to helping me with my spiritual work and was urging me to focus on that instead, she said to me “You have a voice, you should use it, I don’t have a voice.”

She was telling me not be scared to try new things

She was telling me that she and all the other horses are here to ground me and to clean my energy field daily of all the mucky heavy earth related stuff that it accumulates daily. All I have to do is show up and muck out and stuff and my energy field is cleared.
She is here to be my strength and support and sense of wellbeing. She also helps with my spirit release work along with her friend Brownie who is a serious specialist in that department. She was telling me that I need to get back into my quiet healing times and she is right, I have not had time for my healing work lately and I have missed it. She was telling me to stay with the animals. As I heal them, they will heal me.

Love my horse.



Healing By Moonlight

Quite early in my healer development, at a time when the concept of healing energy being able to transcend time/space barriers was still quite new to my consciousness, I received a telephone call from my dear friend Hannah, who had moved with her family to live in Cornwall the previous year. The move had enabled Hannah to purchase a horse for her daughter, and so Moonlight had joined their family life some five months beforehand. Hannah had been looking for a horse that she could share with her daughter, who had seen the advert for Moonlight in a local trade it. At her daughter’s insistence, Hannah agreed to view the horse and then purchased her partly out of sympathy because Moonlight was in a poor condition at the time and was being kept in dubious surroundings.

Hannah telephoned me for a chat because although Moonlight had passed a vet at the time of purchase, in the five months of new ownership she had been intermittently lame, and at the time of Hannah’s phone call she was nine tenths lame in the off hind leg, just barely putting a toe to the floor. Hannah told me that visits from two separate vets and two separate chiropractors had failed to conclusively pinpoint the problem. Hannah was worried that she had bought a “duff” horse.

At a loss to know what to suggest, I heard myself explaining that I had taken on a new hobby recently, and that I was learning about spiritual healing. I asked Hannah if I might practice my distant healing on Moonlight. Clearly sceptical, but very trustingly, Hannah agreed that I could do so, and she also agreed to post me a photograph of Moonlight to help me with the process.

The following Friday evening the photograph had not yet arrived but I had a quiet space for myself and so I decided to try out some distant healing for Moonlight without it. I settled down to attune to the healing source and I immediately received a very clear image of a speckled grey mare with a distinctive shaped head. I perceived this image to be Moonlight and I asked her permission to send her some distant healing. “No.” I was abruptly told by the horse, and the image before my eyes promptly disappeared into a flash of white light, to be immediately replaced by a “download” of clear information about my friend Hannah, detailing some particular problems that were occurring in her new life and including what Moonlight recommended that she could do about those problems.

In addition, Moonlight told me that she was an old soul mate of Hannah’s who had come into her life at this time to help Hannah with her life changes and she also told me very decisively that it was Hannah that needed to receive the distant healing and not herself.

Feeling totally unsure as to what I could actually do with all this information, I thanked Moonlight, closed the healing session and went to bed.

The following morning post brought me Moonlight’s photograph and the image of her was exactly the same as the one I had perceived the evening before. Realising that this was verification of the information that I had received from Moonlight herself, I knew then that I had to take some action. I detailed the experience as clearly as I could in an email that I sent to Hannah, together with a request for myself to send Hannah some distant healing.

In a telephone call later that evening Hannah told me that she had visited Moonlight on the Saturday morning as usual and that she was at that time still nine tenths lame. Hannah had opened and read my email to her in the early afternoon of that day, and although she understandably felt very incredulous, she recognised that the points raised by Moonlight were relevant to her situation. She revisited Moonlight later that day to find that her horse was almost sound. Amazed, Hannah mentioned that she would act on Moonlights recommendations and also said that she would accept some distant healing for herself.

I continued with my distant healing practice and one week later Hannah telephoned me again to say that Moonlight was sound and that her daughter was now able to ride her. I received this wonderful news with some amazement myself.

There were many profound lessons for me with this healing experience. It taught me total trust in the power of long distance healing and communication. I learned about the lengths that all animals are prepared to go to in order to help their human counterparts. I learned about how deeply animals understand and care about our frail human issues, and that they can absorb and carry our emotional pain to a point of becoming physically disabled themselves. Best of all, I learned that I have the ability to realise my personal dream of working as an animal healer and communicator.


Kate Davies





Animal Welfare

I met you in the churchyard, by the gate to St Johns

A vast spiritual prescence. Your eyes touched my soul.

Your ribs protruded painfully, with skin drawn over tight

Your fur indescribably matted, a pitiful sight

You had appalling BO, I wondered at your plight.

I thought about the wealth here, idyllic village life

Does no-one reach to help you? You clearly need a vet.

An able communicator, your voice rang in my head,

“They say I am not worth it, Kate.” You said.

I made a few enquiries, I was very shocked to hear

It was not weeks or months, “She’s lived like that for years.”

I continued to meet you and I brought you some treats

You struggled to eat them, as You had no teeth.

I passed the pub to find you, with happy people, fed and warm

Oblivious to the suffering a few yards from the door.

You stayed at our house for a week of love and care

You filled our lives with untold joy

Cat magic and more.

During healing treatments I felt your sadness clear

Your tears, your pain, your loneliness

The cold, hunger and fear.

Our local vet declared you beyond economic repair

We said our goodbyes to cat magic dear.

I will always remember your welcome

In the churchyard at St John’s

Your vast spiritual prescence, and

My first new friend.

Kate Davies

Note: If we see an animal that is obviously suffering, we have a duty of care, and must take action.

Our action can be as simple as a telephone call to the RSPCA or notifying a local animal sanctuary.