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If you believe in the innate beauty and goodness of the human species. If you hold a great love for this beautiful planet that we all share. Avaaz is a great place to sign, for it brings out the best in all of our hearts. It is no coincidence that ‘Heart’ is ‘Earth’ spelt differently. Be a voice.


Kate Davies



Short Bio

I am a joy filled life surfer riding high on the wave of rising awareness.
Of course I often slip and fall off my board. Then I am plunged into the wild, dark waters of human emotion. For a while.
But I can always climb back on my board,
There is always another wave,
There is always another chance.
I am interested in holistic health care and the mind-body-spirit connection and
I believe in personal responsibility.
In this awareness there are no accidents.
Life does not happen to us,
We happen to life.
We do not live through life
Life lives through us.

Kate Davies




A Bird’s Eye View

One bright, sunny winter’s day I exercised my collie dog Sian around the grassy meadows situated below Haselor Church. Haselor Church is a local beauty spot, situated on a small hill with lovely footpaths offering wonderful views of the surrounding Warwickshire countryside in all directions. Pausing in my walk to enjoy the sight of a buzzard soaring over the hill above the church, I stood still for some moments, absorbed by the beauty of the surroundings and the magnificence of the creatures flight.

As I watched Buzzard, my focus changed and I found that I could see the bird’s surrounding aura and all the lovely colours contained therein. Experimenting with a very simple animal communication exercise, I expanded my own energy field out to meet Buzzard’s, and breathed love and peace onto Buzzard via our connected fields. In return, travelling instantaneously back to meet me, I experienced compassion.

“Compassion?” I wondered, (as I was feeling very blessed at that particular moment.)

Buzzard communicated to me his deep compassion for all human beings. He showed me his own bird’s eye view of the local humans taking their walks on the little hill. In Buzzards picture each and every person was walking along with a little grey energy cloud over their heads, rather like a dark umbrella. This cloud consisted of each human beings individual problems and worries. Each person was creating this cloud for themselves as they walked along, by thinking about and focussing on their worries. Buzzard explained to me that because these people were underneath this energetic cloud, they were prevented from experiencing the full power and joy of connecting with their wonderful surroundings, and were therefore not receiving the full energy and healing power that a walk in nature has to offer.

“If only all the humans could see themselves as I do,” said this wise and kindly bird.

With my belief system stretched, and wondering if I was indeed standing in a field receiving instructions from a very distant wild bird, I sought some verification. I asked Buzzard if he would fly over to me. Buzzard complied instantly with this request and for several breathtaking, slightly scary moments hovered directly over my head, about fifteen feet above me, whilst looking at me penetratingly in the eye.

Buzzard wheeled away, so thanking him for the verification, I again sent love and peace to him via our energy fields, and once again I received compassion in return.

The next day I walked out with Sian along another footpath which is about a mile from Haselor Church. Before turning for home, I paused to meditate in the welcome company of a favourite, ancient oak tree. At the same moment Buzzard flew out of a nearby wood and settled in a branch directly over my head. (I had no way of telling if this was actually the same bird.) Remembering the previous days lesson however, I hastily checked my preceeding thoughts and realised that I had indeed been walking along, totally absorbed by my problems, which were mainly decisions over a major life change that had arisen for me.

I decided to consult Buzzard on the matter.

“The decision that you are making is the right one for you. All will be well.” said Buzzard, and with these words I felt an energetic weight lift away from my head and shoulders.

Buzzard flew away and I continued my walk homeward feeling immeasurably lighter, happier and more at peace in my heart.


Kate Davies

 “Ask the very beasts, and they will teach you:

Ask the wild birds-they will tell you;

crawling creatures will instruct you,

fish in the sea will inform you:

for which of them all knows not that this is the Eternal’s way,

in whose control lies every living soul,

and the whole life of man.”


-Job 12;7-10