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Your Legacy

A poem to my mother Janet, to whom we said goodbye today:


The early years

A cuddly Mum

A life filled with animals

Freedom and fun.


Shut the door

Head out, explore

The Warwickshire lanes and meadows

Picnics in the sun

With friends and laughter

This is your legacy.

This was our fun.


You loved to adventure

To gather up your girlfriends

Trish, Elaine, Teddy and Jenny and Jen

To the woods or the Welsh hills,

Mountain streams or seashores

The beauty of Nature

Always your theme.


When teenage years arrived

The fun multiplied

The boyfriend was welcomed

With huge family gatherings

Alcohol generously supplied.


You and Jack loved to party

You gathered so many friends

Your parties are a legend

That none shall transcend.


You were always a rebel

You did things your way

You were never quiet

You would have your say.


Your life was a statement

Your message to the world

“Nothing matters.

It’s only important to have FUN.”


In recent years

Our roles reversed

And you became

My girlie.

So go, girlie, go

Show Heaven fun

Show Heaven how fun it is done

Go light up the Heavens with your fun and your parties

I will join with you, when my time has come.


Kate Davies


Marbles Message to her Family

I received this message from our family cat after she was killed on the main road outside our house…………….


Don’t be sad

Just be glad

Didn’t feel any pain


Didn’t mean to leave

Just got too brave

Would have stayed for the love

Of a great family.


Always make the most of what you’ve got

Don’t be like me, out looking for more!

Take it from me, live your life free

If you want to just play, or relax in the sun

You don’t need permission from anyone

Your summerhouse is a great place to be

You can always spend time

In there with me.


I’m free, now in sprit, I can always be with you

Wherever you go, that’s freedom for you!

It’s just that you can’t see me know

Or hear me yelling for “HAM!”

But there is no separation

Your physical world isn’t real you see

I am still with you, dancing in your garden

Hiding in your wardrobes, racing up your apple tree

Sleeping on your sofa or gazing at your fire.


Leave a small dish on the floor for me

I will come in when you all have tea

I am still with you, I will always be.


Kate Davies



Cat Magic

A tribute to our spirit cat, Marbles.

We thank you for coming here
We thank you for choosing to knock on our door
We thank you for the love, mice and laughter
You brought to our family.

We thank you for the mouse free years
And we wonder why you had to leave – SO SOON
Maybe you thought
We are all capable of catching our own mice now.

We miss you in the garden, rolling carefree on the patio
Hunting in the flowerbeds, sleeping in the summerhouse
Playing on the garden table, relaxing in a shaft of sunlight
Sitting on your stool in front of the fire
Or washing yourself on the clean laundry
Your help with my healing, chasing the tinfoil ball
Even the cat hairs on the chairs
And the dead mice in the hallway.

We miss the sound of your purr
The feel of your grey tabby fur
The sight of your creamy chocolate tiger paws
The yell of your voice shouting ‘HAM!’
Thank you for the lessons about following our destiny
And being unafraid to be true to ourselves
The Light in your eyes, and the Wisdom in your soul
We thank you Marbles, for choosing us, and coming here.

We Love You, spirit cat of ours.


Kate Davies



We once took in a starving grey cat who appeared on our door step late one August night and nobody ever claimed her. I always wondered if she had been displaced in the floods that happened shortly before her arrival. She never seemed to have been outside before as she definitely had not experienced rain drops before. The first time it rained on her in our garden she was terrified! She stayed with us for 2 years and then got killed on the main road outside our house. We named her Marbles.



A precious spark of light

Decided to incarnate

For a few short earthly years

As a fat grey tabby cat

To share love and mice

With her chosen human family.


Marbles taught us so much

About being true to ourselves

Unafraid to follow our destiny

As she demolished the poor mice

Right in front of our eyes



As her energy travels onward

And her soul returns to heaven

The Love that Marbles shared with us

Remains behind, as Light on Earth

A gift to us Forever.


Kate Davies


Animal Welfare

I met you in the churchyard, by the gate to St Johns

A vast spiritual prescence. Your eyes touched my soul.

Your ribs protruded painfully, with skin drawn over tight

Your fur indescribably matted, a pitiful sight

You had appalling BO, I wondered at your plight.

I thought about the wealth here, idyllic village life

Does no-one reach to help you? You clearly need a vet.

An able communicator, your voice rang in my head,

“They say I am not worth it, Kate.” You said.

I made a few enquiries, I was very shocked to hear

It was not weeks or months, “She’s lived like that for years.”

I continued to meet you and I brought you some treats

You struggled to eat them, as You had no teeth.

I passed the pub to find you, with happy people, fed and warm

Oblivious to the suffering a few yards from the door.

You stayed at our house for a week of love and care

You filled our lives with untold joy

Cat magic and more.

During healing treatments I felt your sadness clear

Your tears, your pain, your loneliness

The cold, hunger and fear.

Our local vet declared you beyond economic repair

We said our goodbyes to cat magic dear.

I will always remember your welcome

In the churchyard at St John’s

Your vast spiritual prescence, and

My first new friend.

Kate Davies

Note: If we see an animal that is obviously suffering, we have a duty of care, and must take action.

Our action can be as simple as a telephone call to the RSPCA or notifying a local animal sanctuary.