Tales Of Animal Healing

Stories about Animal Healing

From Starlight

On Sunday I enjoyed a long peaceful healing session with my beautiful silver pony and as she sank deep into the healing energy with me she had a lot to share…………

The only reason anybody has trouble with relationships is because no one understands about forgiveness. Happiness follows forgiveness. No one knows about that. No one understands that earth level relationships and soul level relationships are diametrically opposed to enable growth and that the relationships that bring us the most pain invariably come from our most deeply loving soul mates.

Starlight (known to us earthlings as Bean) was telling me about how she is frustrated on a deep level with the entire human race, their thoughtlessness, the trashing of the planet, the fear everyone has and how blind everyone is.

She plays her own spiritual part from her simple field on earth, as she is really an incarnated Unicorn with plenty of healing work of her own. She was reassuring me that it doesn’t matter if I don’t have so much time for her or ever ride her very much. She lends her energy to helping me with my spiritual work and was urging me to focus on that instead, she said to me “You have a voice, you should use it, I don’t have a voice.”

She was telling me not be scared to try new things

She was telling me that she and all the other horses are here to ground me and to clean my energy field daily of all the mucky heavy earth related stuff that it accumulates daily. All I have to do is show up and muck out and stuff and my energy field is cleared.
She is here to be my strength and support and sense of wellbeing. She also helps with my spirit release work along with her friend Brownie who is a serious specialist in that department. She was telling me that I need to get back into my quiet healing times and she is right, I have not had time for my healing work lately and I have missed it. She was telling me to stay with the animals. As I heal them, they will heal me.

Love my horse.




Healing By Moonlight

Quite early in my healer development, at a time when the concept of healing energy being able to transcend time/space barriers was still quite new to my consciousness, I received a telephone call from my dear friend Hannah, who had moved with her family to live in Cornwall the previous year. The move had enabled Hannah to purchase a horse for her daughter, and so Moonlight had joined their family life some five months beforehand. Hannah had been looking for a horse that she could share with her daughter, who had seen the advert for Moonlight in a local trade it. At her daughter’s insistence, Hannah agreed to view the horse and then purchased her partly out of sympathy because Moonlight was in a poor condition at the time and was being kept in dubious surroundings.

Hannah telephoned me for a chat because although Moonlight had passed a vet at the time of purchase, in the five months of new ownership she had been intermittently lame, and at the time of Hannah’s phone call she was nine tenths lame in the off hind leg, just barely putting a toe to the floor. Hannah told me that visits from two separate vets and two separate chiropractors had failed to conclusively pinpoint the problem. Hannah was worried that she had bought a “duff” horse.

At a loss to know what to suggest, I heard myself explaining that I had taken on a new hobby recently, and that I was learning about spiritual healing. I asked Hannah if I might practice my distant healing on Moonlight. Clearly sceptical, but very trustingly, Hannah agreed that I could do so, and she also agreed to post me a photograph of Moonlight to help me with the process.

The following Friday evening the photograph had not yet arrived but I had a quiet space for myself and so I decided to try out some distant healing for Moonlight without it. I settled down to attune to the healing source and I immediately received a very clear image of a speckled grey mare with a distinctive shaped head. I perceived this image to be Moonlight and I asked her permission to send her some distant healing. “No.” I was abruptly told by the horse, and the image before my eyes promptly disappeared into a flash of white light, to be immediately replaced by a “download” of clear information about my friend Hannah, detailing some particular problems that were occurring in her new life and including what Moonlight recommended that she could do about those problems.

In addition, Moonlight told me that she was an old soul mate of Hannah’s who had come into her life at this time to help Hannah with her life changes and she also told me very decisively that it was Hannah that needed to receive the distant healing and not herself.

Feeling totally unsure as to what I could actually do with all this information, I thanked Moonlight, closed the healing session and went to bed.

The following morning post brought me Moonlight’s photograph and the image of her was exactly the same as the one I had perceived the evening before. Realising that this was verification of the information that I had received from Moonlight herself, I knew then that I had to take some action. I detailed the experience as clearly as I could in an email that I sent to Hannah, together with a request for myself to send Hannah some distant healing.

In a telephone call later that evening Hannah told me that she had visited Moonlight on the Saturday morning as usual and that she was at that time still nine tenths lame. Hannah had opened and read my email to her in the early afternoon of that day, and although she understandably felt very incredulous, she recognised that the points raised by Moonlight were relevant to her situation. She revisited Moonlight later that day to find that her horse was almost sound. Amazed, Hannah mentioned that she would act on Moonlights recommendations and also said that she would accept some distant healing for herself.

I continued with my distant healing practice and one week later Hannah telephoned me again to say that Moonlight was sound and that her daughter was now able to ride her. I received this wonderful news with some amazement myself.

There were many profound lessons for me with this healing experience. It taught me total trust in the power of long distance healing and communication. I learned about the lengths that all animals are prepared to go to in order to help their human counterparts. I learned about how deeply animals understand and care about our frail human issues, and that they can absorb and carry our emotional pain to a point of becoming physically disabled themselves. Best of all, I learned that I have the ability to realise my personal dream of working as an animal healer and communicator.


Kate Davies





Animal Welfare

I met you in the churchyard, by the gate to St Johns

A vast spiritual prescence. Your eyes touched my soul.

Your ribs protruded painfully, with skin drawn over tight

Your fur indescribably matted, a pitiful sight

You had appalling BO, I wondered at your plight.

I thought about the wealth here, idyllic village life

Does no-one reach to help you? You clearly need a vet.

An able communicator, your voice rang in my head,

“They say I am not worth it, Kate.” You said.

I made a few enquiries, I was very shocked to hear

It was not weeks or months, “She’s lived like that for years.”

I continued to meet you and I brought you some treats

You struggled to eat them, as You had no teeth.

I passed the pub to find you, with happy people, fed and warm

Oblivious to the suffering a few yards from the door.

You stayed at our house for a week of love and care

You filled our lives with untold joy

Cat magic and more.

During healing treatments I felt your sadness clear

Your tears, your pain, your loneliness

The cold, hunger and fear.

Our local vet declared you beyond economic repair

We said our goodbyes to cat magic dear.

I will always remember your welcome

In the churchyard at St John’s

Your vast spiritual prescence, and

My first new friend.

Kate Davies

Note: If we see an animal that is obviously suffering, we have a duty of care, and must take action.

Our action can be as simple as a telephone call to the RSPCA or notifying a local animal sanctuary.

Healing With Bees

I recently enjoyed a holiday walking in the mountains of southern Snowdonia.

While I rested on a log one morning after walking up a particularly steep ascent, my gaze fell upon a stricken looking bee, hunched up on the path close to my feet. As I studied the bee, wondering what ailed it, the thought occurred to me to see if I could offer some healing.

The bee readily gave permission for some healing to be channelled and as I made the energetic connection, firstly I was aware of the volume of healing energy being matched precisely to the proportion of the tiny bee, then secondly I became acutely aware of a VAST AND POWERFUL LOVE being radiated back to me from the tiny crumpled creature on the path.

Encouraged, I decided to ask the bee for permission to talk. (Animal healing and animal communication operate on the same energy wavelength which is why animal healing often opens up into receiving messages, thoughts and feelings from an animal.) In response to this request the bee slowly manouvered its hunched little body around to face me and raising its head with obvious effort, looked me directly in the eye.

I’d never looked a bee in the eye before.

“Talk to humans? Absolutely not! That’s impossible, my dear,” said Bee, indignantly.

I thanked the bee for my profound moment and continued on my way, wondering if I could have done anything further to assist the tiny creature. A short while later, descending on the same path, I was pleased to see that my friend had evidently flown away.

The following morning, again out walking on the mountainside, I was concerned to notice a number of bee bodies lying motionless on my pathway, with the same hunched appearance of my friend the previous day. Then I came across another ill looking bee that was still alive, so I sat down on the path beside it to offer some healing.

Again, the healing energy was readily accepted, and I was promptly enveloped in a VAST, POWERFUL AND AMAZING LOVE which radiated out not just to me but to ALL HUMANS, and not just coming from this bee, but coming from ALL BEES. In wonder, I again asked permission to talk. “What ails you?” I asked.

For the second time in my life, a bee looked me in the eye.

“Many bees are sick,” Bee said “The state of the bees reflects the state of the humans. In order to help the bees you must first work to help the humans, they need to open their minds. When the humans are well, the bees will be well.”

Humbled, I promised the bee that I would endeavour to do whatever I could, and assured him that a great many humans now are also inspired to do the same. As my friend hunched himself back up, I stood up to leave. I then heard him say, “Humans need to forget their differences; colour, creed, religion or race. They all need to sing out of the same songbook. The songbook is called LOVE.”

I continued on my way, reflecting on the AMAZING LOVE that ALL BEES have for ALL HUMANS and finally recognising the tireless work that all bees do for the environment and consequently for all humans. I also realized that I would have to bee true to myself and endeavour to share Bee’s message with whoever would be prepared to listen to it.

Later, descending the same path, I was relieved to see that my beautiful friend had at least recovered a healthy bee posture. Further still down the path I encountered a third hunched up bee person lying stricken on the path. To my pleasure, after a few seconds of healing energy, this one buzzed and flew away.

To all human bee-ings. Bee inspired.


Kate Davies





A Bird’s Eye View

One bright, sunny winter’s day I exercised my collie dog Sian around the grassy meadows situated below Haselor Church. Haselor Church is a local beauty spot, situated on a small hill with lovely footpaths offering wonderful views of the surrounding Warwickshire countryside in all directions. Pausing in my walk to enjoy the sight of a buzzard soaring over the hill above the church, I stood still for some moments, absorbed by the beauty of the surroundings and the magnificence of the creatures flight.

As I watched Buzzard, my focus changed and I found that I could see the bird’s surrounding aura and all the lovely colours contained therein. Experimenting with a very simple animal communication exercise, I expanded my own energy field out to meet Buzzard’s, and breathed love and peace onto Buzzard via our connected fields. In return, travelling instantaneously back to meet me, I experienced compassion.

“Compassion?” I wondered, (as I was feeling very blessed at that particular moment.)

Buzzard communicated to me his deep compassion for all human beings. He showed me his own bird’s eye view of the local humans taking their walks on the little hill. In Buzzards picture each and every person was walking along with a little grey energy cloud over their heads, rather like a dark umbrella. This cloud consisted of each human beings individual problems and worries. Each person was creating this cloud for themselves as they walked along, by thinking about and focussing on their worries. Buzzard explained to me that because these people were underneath this energetic cloud, they were prevented from experiencing the full power and joy of connecting with their wonderful surroundings, and were therefore not receiving the full energy and healing power that a walk in nature has to offer.

“If only all the humans could see themselves as I do,” said this wise and kindly bird.

With my belief system stretched, and wondering if I was indeed standing in a field receiving instructions from a very distant wild bird, I sought some verification. I asked Buzzard if he would fly over to me. Buzzard complied instantly with this request and for several breathtaking, slightly scary moments hovered directly over my head, about fifteen feet above me, whilst looking at me penetratingly in the eye.

Buzzard wheeled away, so thanking him for the verification, I again sent love and peace to him via our energy fields, and once again I received compassion in return.

The next day I walked out with Sian along another footpath which is about a mile from Haselor Church. Before turning for home, I paused to meditate in the welcome company of a favourite, ancient oak tree. At the same moment Buzzard flew out of a nearby wood and settled in a branch directly over my head. (I had no way of telling if this was actually the same bird.) Remembering the previous days lesson however, I hastily checked my preceeding thoughts and realised that I had indeed been walking along, totally absorbed by my problems, which were mainly decisions over a major life change that had arisen for me.

I decided to consult Buzzard on the matter.

“The decision that you are making is the right one for you. All will be well.” said Buzzard, and with these words I felt an energetic weight lift away from my head and shoulders.

Buzzard flew away and I continued my walk homeward feeling immeasurably lighter, happier and more at peace in my heart.


Kate Davies

 “Ask the very beasts, and they will teach you:

Ask the wild birds-they will tell you;

crawling creatures will instruct you,

fish in the sea will inform you:

for which of them all knows not that this is the Eternal’s way,

in whose control lies every living soul,

and the whole life of man.”


-Job 12;7-10














Distant Healing with a Farmer’s Pony

The world renowned animal healer and animal communicator Margrit Coates, teaches that animal healing and animal communication operate on the same energy wavelength, which is why practising animal healing often leads a person naturally to being opened up to receiving messages and thoughts from the animals.

Early one May morning I walked with my companion dog Sian along a bridle path which climbs a hill and then borders a field where a farmer grazes some young horses and ponies along with his herd of cattle. Pausing to take in the view at the top of the hill, I noticed that away across the field, one of the horses, a distinctive black and white pony, was standing in a rather contorted position. My first impulse was to offer some distant healing to him across the field, so I attuned to the healing energy and asked the pony for permission. Along with the healing, which was gladly accepted, I received a clear communication that the animal was in fact in tremendous pain in all four feet, and had been so for a while. From my general knowledge of horses I recognised the condition of laminitis, a common enough problem in ponies turned out on rich spring grass. Using the healing energy, I communicated back to the pony with a promise that I would seek out the telephone number of the farm and alert the humans there to the situation.

Upon my return home, however, I discovered that my youngest son James was critically ill with suspected meningitis, and in the ensuing rush for the emergency services, I completely forgot about the farmer’s pony.

Then, forty-eight hours later, with James’ condition stabilised in hospital, I suddenly remembered the ailing pony. Wondering if the farm folk had by now discovered the situation for themselves, I decided to attune from my home to offer some distant healing. The very moment that I linked up the healing energy with the pony, I received a loud, clear and unmistakeable communication.

“Everybody forgets about me!” yelled a distraught and tearful voice, and I received a distinct impression of the poor pony, still standing in the field, in agony.

Mortified, I apologised profusely to my beleaugered friend and promised to telephone the farm straight away. This I did, and was informed, “No, we have not noticed anything, but we will check straight away.”

A couple of days later I had some time to revisit the bridlepath, in between work and hospital commitments, and I was relieved to see that the pony had indeed been removed from the field.

James thankfully recovered after ten days in hospital, and six weeks later, at dusk one lovely summers evening I again walked with Sian along the same bridlepath. It was very quiet and peaceful, with the cattle lying down asleep on the other side of the thick hawthorn hedge.

Suddenly, a great commotion arose in the field. The cattle began leaping to their feet. Wondering what on earth could disturb them like this, I peeped through the hedge. There was my friend, the black and white pony, charging through the cattle, knocking them out of the way, searching for a gap in the hedge, which he found a little further ahead. Eyes sparkling and feet dancing, he thrust his handsome pony head through thick hawthorn hedging bounded on both sides by strands of barbed wire, and reached out joyously with his muzzle to kiss my face.

“Thank you,” I heard him say to me.

Astounded by the pony’s actions, I just thought; “Wow.”

At that moment I could not have felt richer or more blessed had I been spontaneously gifted with a huge monetary sum. I was stunned by the obvious awareness of the pony, and his determined act of thanks and recognition which enabled me to experience what it was like to feel utterly, spiritually rich.

I wandered home, deeply humbled by the incredible nature of the healing energy and the awesome wonder of this world, that we are all so privileged to be living in.

Kate Davies






Of Oak Trees, Animals and Distant Healing

One lovely September afternoon I walked with my beloved collie dog Sian along a section of The Heart of England Way. The ancient woods here were especially beautiful in the glowing autumn sunshine. However the peace of this wonderful occasion was very disturbed by a loud, relentless lamenting sound coming from a nearby herd of dairy cows, who had just been separated from their calves. The heart rending sound of their collective grief filled the surroundings and quite spoiled the atmosphere.

I walked along for a while, wondering if anything could be done to relieve their obvious distress, and I decided to try to offer them some distant healing.

At this point I was standing next to a particularly huge and ancient oak tree, with a further wood and about half a mile between my own position and the farm. Without knowing the reason why,I felt prompted to visualise myself joining with this wonderful tree to form a single massive healing channel and then to send a beam of healing energy out directly from my heart centre across to the cows on the farm.

The very same instant that this visualisation was put in place, the entire herd of cows fell silent. I was astounded. For a full ten minutes I remained motionless with this healing visualisation in place, and the ensuing silence was deafening.

Finally closing down the channel, I set off to retrace my steps to the car. A few laments gradually returned, increasing steadily in number as I walked along.

Pausing at the side of a further ancient oak tree, I repeated the visualisation process. Once again, immediate silence ensued. I held the healing visualisation for a further five minutes. This time the powerful peace remained unbroken as I walked all the way back to my car.

The power of love and the power of nature. Amazing.

Kate Davies